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10 Healthy Holiday Tips


10 Healthy Holiday Tips


Eat something before dinner – Don’t skip meals so you’re not starving.


Make time to exercise – Go for a walk before dinner or after dinner.


Socialize away from the food – Don’t sit next to the snacks or the table after you are done eating. Keep the food out of sight until time for dinner.


Make smart food swaps – Use broth to sauté or in your mashed potatoes. Cut back on butter, cream and sugar in recipes.


Add new, healthier dishes into your holiday meal – Add more vegetable dishes or a salad. People appreciate the healthier options.


Use a smaller plate – If you use a bigger plate, you will get more food. Most times, people misjudge the amount of food they put on their plates when the plate is larger.


Stay hydrated – Drinking water is a great way to control your appetite.


Stick with one dessert – You can have your cake but you just can’t have cake, pie, cookies and ice cream.


Don’t leave with leftovers – If you do bring home leftovers, bring them to work and share it with coworkers.


Don’t take on the guilt – If you do go a little overboard, keep in mind that it’s a holiday but just don’t keep eating high-calorie foods until the day after New Year’s. Return to eating healthy the next day and don’t forget to exercise.

Cathy Bowers, RD

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