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5 Tips to Survive the Holidays!


Plan Ahead

Eat an apple, pear or other light snack before parties and festivities to curb hunger.


Stick to One Drink per Party

Resolve to have no more than one alcoholic beverage at a holiday party. If you’re still thirsty after that, try mineral water or seltzer.


When You Contribute Food, Be Thoughtful

Bring a nutritious holiday dish to the party. Try a plate of vegetables with a flavorful dip or a beautifully-arranged tray of fresh and dried fruits.


Don’t Introduce Leftovers: Give Away the Full Batch of Your Baked Gifts

When you’re giving decadent food gifts, only buy or bake enough goodies to fill the recipe, gift box, etc. Set up your pantry to help meet your goals, not tempt you away from them!


Keep the Focus on the Holiday Itself

Celebrate what the holidays are really about – spending time with family and friends. Find creative activities, play a game, or get active together instead of focusing solely on food.

PDF Handout: Holiday-Survival-Handout


Cathy Bowers, RD



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