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6 Tips on how to build a healthy salad –


Tips on how to build a healthy salad –

  1. Pick your greens – kale, spinach, lettuce, romaine, arugula, mixed greens
  2. Pick a protein source – beans, lentils, chicken, tuna, eggs (if you do not have a protein source, you will be hungry again before that next meal)
  3. Pick your veggies – the sky is the limit 🙂
  4. Pick your grain – quinoa, farro, cold pasta or if you don’t want a grain consider adding a starchy vegetable (sweet potato, corn, acorn or butternut squash)
  5. Pick some nuts or seeds – walnuts, sunflower, pecans, etc. (these will add a little fat to your salad and will help sustain your satiety level until your next meal)
  6. Pick a fruit – oranges, berries, apples, dried cranberries or whatever you have on hand to add a little sweetness. (you won’t need much)


When it comes to adding your salad dressing, think about making your own or buying a “Light” vinaigrette.

I love to make my own vinaigrette and it can be made in just 5 minutes –

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup balsamic vinaigrette

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tbsp honey

1/4 tsp salt, pepper, and garlic powder

Make sure you whisk all the ingredients really well so they blend together.


Remember it’s not about short-term diets, it’s about long-term lifestyles!

Cathy Bowers, RD


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