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7 Tips to Get Your Children to Eat Healthier

  1. Do nots! – Do not let them get addicted to sugar! Keep sugary snacks out of the house.                                                                                                                   Do not judge their taste and compare it to your own. Your child is not you. Their taste will be different.
  2. Get the kids involved. – Take them grocery shopping with you to pick out new fruits and vegetables to try. Ask them to help you in the kitchen. Start a garden in the back yard and let them help tend and water it.
  3. Model healthy eating. – If your children don’t see you eating healthy, why should they? Let them see you eating fruit and vegetables. Try new vegetables together.
  4. Give them choices when it comes to healthy eating. – Let them pick which fruit and vegetables they want to take to school in their lunch box.
  5. Get creative. – Try juicing your fruits and vegetables. Perhaps have a dinner theme such as everything must be a different color like a rainbow and everyone dresses up in a different color for dinner.
  6. Consider “Litter-less” lunches – Most sugar snacks come in processed packaging. It will encourage you to pack more fresh fruit and fresh veggies, which are good for the environment.
  7. Experiment! – Try spaghetti squash instead of noodles for pasta dishes. Instead of using oil when you bake, substitute apple sauce. Try a “Meatless Monday”.

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