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Helping people live a healthy, disease free life through the use of whole plant-based foods.

What is – Nutrition For A Lifetime?

“Nutrition For A Lifetime” is a service company that provides nutrition education, wellness coaching, and personalized menu planning.

Why we believe in what we do?

We believe that we need to go back to the basics like our mothers taught us growing up. She would meal plan for the week, create a shopping list and cook healthy and delicious meals for our family. Our family enjoyed family time around the table and eating out was a “special” event once a week. Nutrition For A Lifetime believes these are the truths we need to learn to return to a healthy long-term lifestyle. We have found that the “false” beliefs out there are people who take supplements, drink shakes different diets or 1-time fixes. These methods do not teach people how to eat. Instead, they teach people how to fail. Nutrition For A Lifetime gives people the tools to get off the diet roller-coaster and start living a long-term healthy lifestyle.

How we help you succeed?

We provide 1:1 nutrition education in a persons’ home every month. We make sure that we teach them sound science based knowledge that will help them to develop a long-term healthy lifestyle which will help them to lose weight, control blood sugars, and lower cholesterol.

We also help offer our customers a “Recipe Club” which provides them with 5 easy, healthy and delicious dinner recipes every week along with a shopping list. Menu planning and creating a shopping list takes time, creativity, and discipline. We are happy to take care of that for you which will benefit you and your family.


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