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Meet Cathy

IMG_3590I have been happily married to Mike for 29 years and we have 2 grown children. The Navy brought us to Virginia Beach in 1984. When we first arrived in Virginia, I started getting into weight lifting and found myself signed up for a bodybuilding competition to help deal with stress while Mike was serving our country on a 6 month deployment. This started my love for nutrition and exercise. I went on to become a Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher for the YMCA. Also during this time, I completed 3 half and 3 full marathons. I then decided to go to college and become a Registered Dietitian (RD).
I became interested in a plant-based diet 5 years ago. I have a family history of heart disease, obesity, and cancer. I wanted to do everything I could to prevent these from happening to me. I started incorporating a plant-based diet into my life and my husbands. My husband was diagnosed pre-diabetic over 5 years ago and has been able to stay off any medication and keep his blood sugars controlled. He was also on medicine for high triglycerides and he is no longer on that medication due to changing his diet to incorporate more plant-based foods. We both have excellent cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure, and have maintained a healthy weight. I have seen the benefits of eating a mainly plant-based diet. People need to think of food as medicine. By taking control of your diet now, you will be making an investment in your future as well as your families. My goal is to empower people with nutrition knowledge so that they can take control of their health and prevent and manage chronic diseases and weight loss.
When not teaching people about nutrition, I love to worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, go on motorcycle rides with my husband, crochet, cook, and read. I also enjoy walking on the beach and going to yoga classes.

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