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Are you teaching your children healthy habits?


Children whose parents took them to parks, playgrounds or sports activities were twice as likely to meet physical activity guidelines as children whose parents did not do this. The same held true when parents and children participated together in physical activities. When families ate meals together away from television, the children were 67 percent more likely to meet guidelines for fruit and vegetable consumption than were children in families that combined mealtime and television watching. When parents gave children fruit and vegetables for between-meal snacks, the children were five times as likely as others to meet the consumption goals. As for screen time, children were twice as likely to meet guidelines if their parents set and enforced restrictions on the use of electronic devices as were children who did not have such rules. However, when families watched television together, the children were 33 percent less likely to meet screen-time guidelines. (article from Washington Post – August 29, 2016)

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