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Do you know the secrets to eating “mindfully”?


Strategies to an Intuitive Eater

Taste each bite of food. Sound too simple? Do you already experience the variety of textures, tastes, colors, smells your food offers?

RESPECT your body. Honor your hunger. Recognize your fullness.

Schedule a time to eat, and pay attention to eating. Remember that taste buds are on your tongue and not your stomach. While eating, sit down at a table and make yourself comfortable. Standing in front of a fridge decreases attention and satisfaction. Put your fork down every now and then through out the meal. This may help you feel your fullness. At the same time, check in with yourself to see if the food still tastes good. Usually, the first couple of mouthfuls taste better than the bottom of the bag. If the food doesn’t taste as good anymore, consider stopping and waiting until you are hungry again as you’ll be more satisfied.

Learn to cope without using food. Some ideas that deal with feelings are writing a journal, calling a friend or breathing deeply. You could also find a different distracter such as going to the movies, dancing to music, taking a nap or strolling in the park.

Quit the body-check game. When you enter the room, do you compare your body to the rest of the crowd and ask questions such as, “Am I the fattest one here?” or “How does my body compare to the others?” This is a dangerous and unhealthy game especially when played with people you don’t know.

To read more – http://www.med.umich.edu/pfans/docs/tip-2011/intuitiveeating-0811.pdf

Come to the “Plan, Prep, Portion, and Pack” clinic on Saturday, Feb. 27 @ 10 am. I will give you the tools to eat mindfully. You will also learn how to make “Mason Jar Salads” and take one home with you.

Where – Virginia Garden Organic Grocery store located with in the Virginia Beach Farmers Market

Cost – $35 (bring a friend for free)

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