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Holiday Eating Without the Weight

10 Holiday Survival Tips

1. Eat an apple, pear or other light snack before parties and festivities to curb hunger.

2. Plan, plan, plan! As in plan to have no more than one alcoholic beverage at a party followed by mineral water.

3. Bring a low-fat holiday dish to the party. Better still, go home empty-handed!

4. Only buy enough goodies to fill the recipe or gift box.
Don’t plan to have any left over goodies in the house to eat. There are enough temptations outside the house;
there is no need to make your home a difficult place to maintain control.

5. After baking goodies for others, immediately fill the mixing bowl with hot soapy water; sampling packs on
extra calories.

6. Get creative with healthful ingredients. Splenda works great in baked dishes. Cut the sugar to 1/3 the original
amount in the recipe and replace the remainder with Splenda. For more information see www.splenda.com.

7. Make a goal with a friend to lose 5 pounds or to maintain weight during the holidays, that way you have a valuable
support buddy and accountability.

8. Remember that the holidays are truly only 3 real days, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or Kwanzaa or Chanukah) and
New Year’s. Which means if you blow it only on 3 days, then you really won’t cause much damage. It’s the vicious
cycle of not enough exercise and too many calories on the other days that causes weight gain during this time of year.

9. Sign up for a 5K or fitness walk or other event to keep your mind focused on fitness goals.

10. Finally, celebrate and focus on what the holidays are really about – spending time with family and friends. Find creative
activities or ways to get your family and friends to play a game or be active instead of eating. Pick a time to
get together that does not revolve around a meal.
By Amy Abedi, RD.

Holiday Fun Quiz:
1. Three ounces of meat is about the
size of a _____________
(Hint: You can use this to play
2. Serve this for dessert to add color
(and fiber) to your holiday table.
3. This activity can be fun for the
whole family and is a good way to
burn extra calories!
4. These little holiday treats can
really add up in calories (about
2,000 calories per pound!) so try
to bake fewer and make them
5. Always buy ____ milk so you
avoid the saturated fat of its
whole counterpart.
6. Remove this from your turkey
before eating, since it is high in

Holiday Eating Without the Weight :Answers  1. deck of cards, 2. fruit, 3. walk or exercise, 4. cookies, 5. skim or fat-free, 6. skin

Handout from FoodandHealth.com – Holiday Eating Without the Weight

Cathy Bowers, RD




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