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Let me tell you how I helped my dad lose “80 lbs.”


This is my Dad whom I love with all my heart. He is 77 years old and lives in Arizona and suffers from COPD and a variety of other health issues. His weight has gone up and down many times. This past year, he ended up in the ICU for 1 week with severe pneumonia. I talked to him everyday to see how he was and to tell him I loved him. When he was able to go home, he said, “Cathy, I am ready to lose this weight. I want to lose about 90 lbs.” I said, “Ok, Dad let’s do this!”

I started sending him menu’s and recipes. I also talked with him about portion sizes and reading labels. I still talked to him everyday to see how he was doing and to hear about his daily food intake. I was able to fly out there this past June to see him. At that time he had already lost 30 lbs. I went to the grocery store with him and my step-mom and helped clean out their pantry just a little more. I also took my dad out for dinner to his favorite Mexican restaurant to show him a healthier choice and to emphasize taking half of the meal home or splitting it with my step-mom.

Well it’s now January and my dad has LOST 80 POUNDS!!! That’s right 80 POUNDS!! I am so proud of him. I will be seeing him in less then a month and I can hardly wait to hug him.

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My dad didn’t do any shakes or supplements or purchase any “special” frozen meals. My dad ate a variety of food BUT he watched his portion sizes. He made sure to eat 3 meals each day and had a variety of fruit and vegetables. My dad also learned the portion sizes for his favorite snacks and limited himself to those portions each day. My dad and step-mom go out to eat every Sunday and it’s usually to their favorite Mexican restaurant. He always takes half his meal home and enjoys it the next day.

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