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Let Us Tell You About Our Favorite Grocery Store..


Michele Shean, her daughter Erica and the staff are there to help you learn about our local organic produce. They are friendly and take the time to answer your questions. When you start shopping there, you become like one of the family.

Virginia Garden is an independent, locally-owned and operated market founded in 1987 by Michele Shean. Over the years, Virginia Garden has built a reputation as a store where you can shop with confidence for products that are organic, natural, and environmentally/socially conscious.
Our Mission
Born of the desire to serve.
Driven by the mission of good food for all our neighbors. Ruled by the heart, we are sustained supplied and living our Dream.


Your Local Connection
We are your LOCAL CONECTION. We make it possible for farmers from Staunton, Virginia to Elizabeth, North Carolina to sell fresh produce to you. For the past 17 years we have worked on LOCAL farm contacts and developed a thriving market for LOCAL products. We are the trend setters that sustained these LOCAL ORGANIC FARMERS, and inspired new growers. Come join our Team of LOYAL CUSTOMERS and experience the FLAVOR.

Our History
1978 – The first Organic farm in Virginia Beach was established by Mark Shean. Inspired by Alan Chadwick, the farm was worked by hand in the French Intensive Biodynamic method.
1980 – Mark Shean and John Wilson work the first acre of land by hand with the vision of Organic Gardens to share.
1983 – The farmer takes a wife. After two years of courtship and lots of work in the garden together Mark and Michele are married and intend to continue the vision.
1987 – A space in the Virginia Beach Farmers Market becomes available. Beginning with hand made furniture and quality garden tools, we grew a business.
1990 – The word Organic in Virginia is defined. A five-year soil and farm plan are submitted to receive the first certification as an organic farm in Tidewater. News of organic food was covered in the local paper and people came. We could not supply the demand ourselves. As a service to a group of thirty people we began trips to Beltsville, MD to bring back other produce that was available. Organic carrots were the bulk of what we brought back a that time.

Take the time to go there this week. Directions to the store  http://www.vagarden.com/location/

Also check them out on facebook –



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Virginia Garden Organic Grocery Store (Virginia Beach Farmers Market”

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