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Little known ways that help with controlling food portions,


Little known ways that help with food portion control

  1. You can buy food containers to pack leftovers or lunch for work. – Buy glass food containers here.                                                                                 Buy the plastic (BPA FREE) food containers here
  2. Use measuring cups – Buy the pasta measuring cups here
  3. Use a food scale to measure out meat, ounces, etc. – Buy one here
  4. Use a portion plate at meal time. – Buy one here
  5. Measure out the correct pour of wine or alcohol. – Buy a wine glass with marked measurements here.

Being aware of portion sizes helps with –

Weight Loss

Control Diabetes

Lowers Cholesterol

Saves Money – you are buying the correct amount of food needed.

Lowers Sodium – which helps lower blood pressure

Lowers Fat – which helps lower cholesterol and helps with weight loss


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