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Now you can come to a “FREE” nutrition clinic!



“7 Healthy Nutrition Habits”
Learn the 7 Healthy Nutrition Habits that will put you on the path
for weight loss and disease prevention and management.
Saturday, October 24 @ 10 am
Where: Virginia Garden Organic Grocery Store
Cost: FREE (Seating is limited to 15 people)

RSVP: cbowers@nutritionforalifetime.biz

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day –

Energy to start the day
Weight control
Improved performance
A more nutritionally complete diet (vitamins and minerals)
More strength and endurance
Reduces hunger throughout the day
Breakfast Ideas –
Veggie omelet and 1/2 cup fruit
Whole-wheat English muffin with peanut butter
Oatmeal made with skim or almond milk, nuts, 1/2 banana
Smoothie made with fruit, assorted vegetables and skim or almond milk
Whole-grain cereal with skim or almond milk


Recipe here

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