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Reasons why you and your kids need to pack your lunch.


To help your you and your kids pack lunch each day –

1. Get your child on board

• Jointly make a list of all the foods your child enjoys for lunch. Brainstorm options with her, and remain receptive even if she says PB&J time after time. As her lunches become her own, she will naturally become more creative and open-minded.

• Hit the grocery store together to buy the items on the list, and have her help put them away so she knows where they live in the refrigerator or cabinet.

2. Buy the right containers

• Start with a lunchbox insert with compartments or small containers for food items of different sizes.

3. Set your yourself and your child up for success

• Select a drawer, shelf or cabinet just for everyone’s lunch items, including the lunchbox, water bottle, containers and nonperishable, non-refrigerated food items.

• Designate a shelf in your refrigerator for cold lunch items. Place them in small bins that everyone can access easily.

• Portion bulk snacks into individual servings, cut up vegetables in advance and freeze individual portions of leftovers.

4. Illustrate the elements of a healthy lunch

I keep a list on the fridge so my kids and I don’t forget what to pack:

• One protein: sandwich, sliced chicken, eggs, nut or seed butter, hummus, bean salad, burrito, tofu, sesame noodles, soup, leftovers, whole grains such as quinoa.

• One vegetable.

• One fruit.

• One side (optional): pretzels, pasta, crackers, chips, granola bar.

• One water bottle.

• One treat. (Designate a treat day once a week or allow a small treat every day — whatever feels right to you.)

Think about the money you will save by not buying lunch everyday for you and your child. You will also have less stress because you will know what you and your child are having and you will be at peace knowing everyone is eating healthy. Read more HERE

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