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Try this “DELICIOUS” sandwich this week! (8/21/2017) - Ingredients ⅓ cup sun-dried tomatoes, (not oil-packed) 1 clove garlic, crushed and peeled ¼ teaspoon salt, plus more to taste – (option – leave this out to decrease sodium content) 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice ⅛ teaspoon crushed red pepper ¼ cup chopped California Ripe Olives 8 slices sourdough bread, preferably […]
National Sandwich Month! (8/18/2017) - A sandwich is a food item made of two or more slices of leavened bread with one or more layers of filling, typically meat or cheese, with the addition of vegetables or salad. The bread can be used as is, or it can be coated with butter, oil, mustard or other condiments to enhance flavor and texture. In North American […]
What is a “Biometric Checkup? Have you had one? (8/16/2017) - If changes in healthcare are on your mind, you’re not alone. The recently proposed healthcare bill will change the way the federal government funds purchases of Medicaid and individual health care plans. It is expected to greatly increase the number of people without health care insurance if the law passes in the Senate and is […]
What are good fats? (8/14/2017) -   Good Fat, Bad Fat, Low Fat Focus on the type of fat, rather than the amount of fat, for good health.The fortunes of dietary fat have not followed a straight line. As a nutrient, it has been vilified, forgiven and, in some cases, even glorified. What we know about this essential nutrient is further complicated by […]
Top 10 ways to enjoy peaches! (8/11/2017) - Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Peaches Peach Salsa! Salsa makes a delicious accompaniment to many different meats and a great dip for tortilla chips. Try a new salsa recipe and spoon it over grilled chicken or fish. Recipe: Peachy Chipotle Salsa.  Beverage Blast. Add an extra flavor surge to your tea or lemonade. Just muddle fresh or frozen […]
Super Fruit Salad! (8/9/2017) - Ingredients 1 (15.25 oz.) can peaches, drained and diced 1 c. low-fat yogurt, apricot OR any fruit flavor 3 oranges, peeled, sectioned and cut into thirds 1 T. honey 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon 3 apples, cored and cubed 1/4 tsp. ground ginger 2 bananas, sliced Directions In a medium bowl, combine prepared fruit In a […]
Family Meals – FAST, Healthful! (8/7/2017) - You are running in 10 directions! It is 4 p.m. You need to pick up your child at day care, stop at the store, and run several errands. And you need to get ready for an evening meeting. How do you put a healthful supper on the table, too? A few time saving steps can help you prepare an easy […]
The Importance of Family Meal Time (8/4/2017) - The Importance of Family Mealtime Family mealtime is when everyone at home sits down and enjoys a meal together. This can be at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. It has been shown that families who eat together are healthier and happier. We encourage families to cook together, eat together, talk together, and make mealtime a family time. […]
Perfect Peach Salsa! (7/31/2017) - Peach Salsa Serves: 6 | Serving Size: 1/2 cup Ingredients: 2 peaches, cored and cubed 1 ripe tomato, cored and cubed 2 tablespoons hot pepper, diced 1/4 cup diced onion 1 teaspoon vinegar Chopped cilantro (optional) Directions: Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and toss gently. Serve immediately or refrigerate for up to […]
Be a fruit vendor for your family. (7/28/2017) - Fruit is one of the most colorful and beautiful foods, and one of the worst things you can do with it is put it in the refrigerator and forget about it. Cold, shriveled fruit crushed behind leftovers does not lend itself to being easily incorporated into your diet. And worse, when you jam fruit into […]
Closing the fiber gap. (7/26/2017) - Only 1 in 20 Americans consumes enough fiber! This means that 95% of the population is not getting enough fiber to adequately reduce the risks of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer. Fiber is also linked to the prevention of weight gain, greater ease of laxation, and a healthy gut […]
20 Best Calorie Savers (7/24/2017) - Here is a new fat and calorie saver guide that has 20 easy ways to lower the calories you consume by making simple substitutions. It consists of 20 easy swaps that you can make whether you are cooking at home, eating out, or tempted by desserts and other sweet treats. This guide replaces an older one that […]
Potato Success Tips! (7/21/2017) -   I like to serve potatoes as part of a meal. They cook quickly without a lot of fuss and everyone always loves them. You can also fall in love with a potato’s nutrient profile. A small potato contains about 130 calories, features resistant starch, and it has a half day’s supply of vitamin C. It […]
Farmers Market on the Grill! (7/19/2017) - Farmers Market On The Grill Serves: 4 | Serving Size:  Total Time: 25 min | Prep: 5 min | Cook: 20 min Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, sliced in half horizontally 1 cup spinach leaves 3 potatoes, rinsed and sliced in 1/4″ disks 1 bunch asparagus dash paprika black pepper to taste garlic pepper to taste cooking oil spray Bruschetta: 2 tomatoes, seeded and diced […]
National Baked Bean Month! (7/17/2017) - Beans and peas are nutrition powerhouses. Here are some of the top nutrients in these foods… • Beans and peas are fantastic sources of folate. For example, a single cup of cooked lentils has 90% of the daily value for folate. Folate is a B vitamin that is vital for the creation of healthy new […]
Does your brain need a boost? (7/14/2017) - Berries on the Brain Eating berries regularly may help keep your brain working at its best. By Judith C. Thalheimer, RD Americans are eating more berries, and that’s a good idea. Besides being packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, berries are rich in flavonoids like anthocyanins and flavanols. “Berries are colorful because of bioactive compounds like these,” […]
Turning this off during dinner helps you lose weight! (7/12/2017) - Eating Home-Cooked Meals Without TV On Significantly Lowers Obesity Risk, Study Finds There’s no shortage of studies linking too much television consumption to various delays and disadvantages. Similarly, research also shows that eating out too much can adversely affect one’s health. Now a new study finds that having family, home-cooked meals and keeping the TV off while eating “significantly” decreases the […]
Is your food safe to eat? (7/10/2017) - Summer and Vacations Click image to view full infographic Due to a variety of factors, including warmer temperatures, foodborne illness increases in summer. Stay healthy and safe during warmer months by following these food safety recommendations: When bringing food to a picnic or cookout: Use an insulated cooler filled with ice or frozen gel packs.  […]
Blueberry and Butternut Squash Couscous Salad! (7/7/2017) - 1 pound butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cubed 5 tablespoons olive oil, divided 1-1/4 cups chicken broth 1 cup raw couscous* 3 tablespoons lemon juice 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 4 scallions, thinly sliced 1-1/2 cups blueberries 3/4 cup crumbled feta cheese 3 cups baby arugula Instructions Preheat oven to 450°F. In a large […]
July is “Blueberry Month”! (7/5/2017) - Do you need help with menu planning? Contact us today and we will do it for you. We will even include your weekly shopping list! Get off the diet roller coaster and start developing a long-term healthy lifestyle today! It will be the best investment you made for 2017! Cathy Bowers, RD 757-288-2195 cbowers@nutritionforalifetime.biz www.nutritionforalifetime.biz […]
Kid and adult friendly snack! (6/30/2017) - Banana In A Blanket Preparation time:5 minutes   1 (6 inch) whole wheat tortilla 1 tablespoon reduced-fat smooth peanut butter 1 medium banana 1 teaspoon maple syrup or honey 1 tablespoon crunchy, nutty nugget cereal   Instructions: Lay tortilla on a plate. Spread peanut butter evenly on the tortilla. Sprinkle cereal over peanut butter. Peel and […]
Try this delicious “Purple Cow Smoothie” (6/28/2017) - Berry Facts Packed with Nutrients: Did you know that blueberries have 26% of your daily value (DV) of manganese in a single cup? They’re also loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber! Speaking of vitamin C, blackberries have tons of it — 50% DV in a one cup serving, along with 47% DV manganese, […]
Tips to sneak in veggies for those picky eaters. (6/26/2017) - 1. Match up the colors: • Orange – carrots, winter squash; add pureed orange veggies to cheesy dishes like cheese dip, macaroni and cheese or casseroles. • Red – tomatoes, beets; add red pureed veggies to chili, pasta, meatloaf, stews and casseroles • Yellow/white – cauliflower; add pureed cauliflower to mashed potatoes, cream soups • […]
Make the most of fresh peaches! (6/23/2017) - Peach Compote Serves: 4 | Serving Size: 3/4 cup Ingredients: 5 ripe peaches, cut into wedges 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup apple juice 1 tablespoon sugar Directions: Place ingredients in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and cook for 5 or 10 minutes, until peaches become very soft. Cool […]
Added Sugars and Your Health! (6/21/2017) - We’re all familiar with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ advice to reduce the amount of added sugars in our eating patterns. Keeping them to less than 10% of our daily calories has been a topic of much discussion here on the blog, and today I want to talk about why that recommendation exists. What is […]
The “NEW” Nutrition Label! (6/19/2017) - The latest version of this food label will include new daily values for dietary fiber, sodium, and vitamin D. This update will bring those numbers to the new standards set forward by the IOM and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The new label will also feature actual grams of vitamin D and potassium, in addition […]
Stir-Fry On The Grill!! (6/16/2017) -   Stir Fry on the Grill Serves: 4 | Serving Size: 1.5 cups Total Time: 18 min | Prep: 10 min | Cook: 8 min Ingredients: 2 small heads of bok choy, rinsed and cut in half 3 large carrots, peeled and sliced thin 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 1 spring onion, sliced thin 1 […]
Try this easy “Vegetable Pizza” recipe for dinner tonight! (6/14/2017) - What fruits and vegetables are in season during the month of June? Beets, Blackberries, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, lettuce, May peas,  onions, peaches, peppers, potatoes, radishes, strawberries, sugar snap peas, summer squash, Swiss chard, turnips,  and zucchini Download local food guide – here Technicolor Vegetable Pizzas Preparation time: 20 minutes 3 cups frozen mixed […]
A great salad for lunch – Cherry and Asparagus Salad! (6/12/2017) - Cherry and Asparagus Salad Serves 4 Ingredients 6 c. spring mix lettuce 16 asparagus spears, tough ends removed 1 c. fresh sweet cherries, pitted and sliced in half 1/2 c. whole walnuts 1/2 c. feta cheese, crumbled Cooking spray 1/2 c. sour cream 1/4 c. light brown sugar 1 T. fresh lemon juice 1 T. […]
Top 10 Ways to Cook Fruits and Vegetables! (6/9/2017) - Top 10 Healthy Ways To Cook Fruits & Vegetables Cook It Up the Healthy Way Bake … Sweet potato fries by cutting up into slices and seasoning with olive oil, cayenne pepper and a dash of salt. Peaches for a sweet snack. Slice in half, drizzle on some honey and sprinkle with ginger and pecans. Winter […]
Fruit and Vegetable Storage 101 (6/7/2017) - Fruit & Vegetable Storage 101 Great tasting fruits and vegetables begin with proper storage at home. Just remember the FIFO rule: First In, First Out. Use whatever is oldest first and continually rotate your stock to ensure freshness and reduce waste. The FIFO rule applies to all types of foods—fresh, frozen, canned and dried. Fresh […]
June – Fruit and Vegetable Month! (6/5/2017) - Top 10 Reasons To Eat MORE Fruits & Vegetables Why eat MORE fruits and veggies? Color & Texture. Fruits and veggies add color, texture … and appeal …  to your plate. Convenience. Fruits and veggies are nutritious in any form – fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice, so they’re ready when you are! Fiber. Fruits […]
A great way to finish “National Salad Month”! (5/31/2017) - Quick and Fancy Salad Serves 6 | Serving Size: 1-1/2 cups Total Time: 10 min | Prep: 10 min | Cook: 0 min This salad uses simple and colorful ingredients, yet presents a different twist on your everyday salad. Ingredients: 8 cups mixed leafy greens 1 cup grape tomatoes 1 diced pear 1/4 cup diced […]
Make this delicious and healthy “Fresh Corn Salad” for your Memorial Day picnic! (5/29/2017) - Fresh Corn Salad Serves 4 | Serving Size: 1 cup Total Time: 15 min | Prep: 15 min | Cook: 0 min This summer salad will disappear quickly. Ingredients: 6 cups dark green lettuce, preferably red leaf 2 ears of corn, shucked and cooked 1 large, ripe tomato 1/2 medium-sized, ripe avocado 1 tablespoon olive […]
Make this “Carrot Cake Salad” for dessert. (5/26/2017) - Carrot Cake Salad Serves 4 | Serving Size: 1 cup Total Time: 5 min | Prep: 5 min | Cook: 0 min This salad tastes just like a carrot cake. It is a fun and creative twist from the old-fashioned grated carrot salad that has mayonnaise and raisins. Ingredients: 3 cups grated carrots 1/4 cup […]
Your family will love this “Macaroni Bean Salad”! (5/24/2017) - Macaroni Bean Salad Serves 4 | Serving Size: 1 cup Total Time: 25 min | Prep: 5 min | Cook: 20 min A fun and tasty salad that uses 2 beans and a zesty dressing to go along with everyone’s favorite shaped pasta. Ingredients: 1 cup dry macaroni 1 cup frozen green beans 1 cup […]
Try this amazing “Vegetarian Carpaccio”! (5/22/2017) - Vegetarian Carpaccio Serves 4 | Serving Size: 1 cup Total Time: 8 min | Prep: 8 min | Cook: 0 min Wikipedia defines carpaccio as an appetizer made from raw meat that is thinly sliced and pounded to make it paper thin. Here is a vegetarian version, which features thinly sliced vegetables. Ingredients: 1 golden […]
An easy and healthy “Fresh Bean Salad” recipe. (5/19/2017) - Fresh Bean Salad Serves: 8 | Serving Size: 1 cup Total Time: 40 min | Prep: 10 min | Cook: 30 min This delicious three bean salad looks very nice when it is placed on a bed of leaf lettuce and garnished with fresh wedges of lemon. Ingredients: 1 cup lima beans 3/4 pound green […]
Everyone will enjoy this “Berry Salad” recipe! (5/17/2017) - Berry Salad Serves 4 | Serving Size: 1-1/2 cups Total Time: 10 min | Prep: 10 min | Cook: 0 min Strawberries and kiwi make this a refreshingly fruity salad. Ingredients: 3 cups shredded romaine lettuce 1/4 cup sweet nonfat dressing 1/2 cup jicama or radishes, sliced 1 cup fresh sliced strawberries 2 kiwi fruit, […]
A delicious “Spring Salad” Recipe. ~ Yummy!! (5/15/2017) - Spring Salad with Shaved Carrots and Beets Serves: 2 | Serving Size: 2 and 1/4 cups Ingredients: 4 cups mixed spring greens, rinsed and dried 2 baby carrots, rinsed 2 baby beets, rinsed 2 tsp avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil Flavored vinegar to taste 1/2 avocado, sliced Directions: Toss the greens with the […]
This “Greek Salad” is delicious and easy to make! (5/12/2017) - Greek Pasta Salad Serves 6 | Serving Size: 2 cups Total Time: 10 min | Prep: 10 min | Cook: 0 min This salad is like the Greek classic with a few beans sneaked into it. It is great for lunch or dinner. Ingredients: 3 cups dried spiral pasta 1 cup diced cucumber 1 cup […]
This “Fiesta Salad” is YUMMY!! (5/10/2017) - Fiesta Kale Salad Serves: 4 | Serving Size: 1-2 cups Total Time: 10 min | Prep: 10 min Ingredients: 4 cups baby kale leaves, rinsed and dried 1 lemon 1 lime Dash of hot pepper sauce Dash of dried oregano 2 tsp vegetable oil: canola, olive, or avocado 1 cup diced tomatoes 1 avocado, pitted […]
Everyone loves this “quinoa” salad! (5/8/2017) - Quinoa Salad Serves: 4 | Serving Size: 3 cups   Salad Ingredients:   6 cups ready-to-serve Romaine or another green, leafy lettuce 2 cups of cooked quinoa 2 cups of cooked and diced chicken 1/2 cup sliced carrots 1/2 cup sliced cucumbers 1/2 cup broccoli slaw 1/2 cup sliced green onion 1 cup halved cherry […]
Asian Cabbage Salad (5/5/2017) - Asian Cabbage Salad Serves 4 | Serving Size: 1 cup Total Time: 15 min | Prep: 15 min | Cook: 0 min This tasty salad is sure to be a favorite. It goes especially well with barbecued dishes, stir-frys, and veggie burgers. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 teaspoon sesame oil 3 tablespoon rice vinegar […]
The history behind “salads”? (5/3/2017) - Celebrate National Salad Month with Build a Salad Day. Since earliest times people have harvested wild leafy plants, especially in spring, when they were young and tender. Some of the wild plants available to early foragers were wild celery, chervils, cresses, and parsley. Salads were among the first cultivated plants that people grew in their […]
Why do you want to walk 10,000 steps every day? (4/28/2017) - Even if you don’t have a fitness tracker like a Fitbit, you’ve probably heard that you should strive to take 10,000 steps a day. But where did the 10,000 step recommendation come from? And what happens to your body when you take 10,000 steps? Ten thousand steps was first popularized by Japanese pedometers in the […]
Do you still eat foods with “trans fats”? (4/26/2017) - People living in areas that restrict trans fats in foods had fewer hospitalizations for heart attack and stroke compared to residents in areas without restrictions, according to a study led by a Yale researcher. This finding suggests the benefit of limiting trans fats could have widespread impact as trans fat restrictions are set to expand […]
Brighten Your Plate with “Beet Pickles” (4/24/2017) - Beet Pickles Serves: 10 | Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons Ingredients: 4 small beets, rinsed but not peeled 1/4 red onion, peeled 2 cups water 4 tablespoons red wine vinegar 2 bay leaves Dash of salt Directions: Slice the beets and onion on a mandolin — they should be very thin. Place them in a pot […]
Aging Well: Spotlight on Omega-3s (4/21/2017) - Omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fat found primarily in cold-water ocean fish, can be a big part of your healthful aging diet because this type of fat helps decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce the internal inflammation that is an important component of type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and some types of cancer, and […]
Ten a Day! (4/19/2017) - You’ve likely heard the recommendation to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables daily for best health. New advice is leaning more towards eating 5 servings of each. After analyzing over 95 studies that examined the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, London researchers concluded that 800 grams of daily fruits and vegetables (roughly equivalent […]

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