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Secrets to Sunday Food Prep


1) Snacking veggies– Raw veggies make a great snack. They’re easy to prep ahead of time and you can throw them in your lunch box, the kids from munch on them after school or you can enjoy some while making dinner!

  • Try carrots, broccolis, peppers, snap peas and cucumbers. They’re great with hummus, yogurt ranch dip, etc

2) Breakfast Foods– There are tons of great breakfast options that you can make ahead of time so you don’t have to spend time cooking in the morning. This also gives you no excuse to skip breakfast!

  • Make a batch of healthy muffins for the week
  • Make same steel-cut oats in the crock-pot
  • Make a batch of Quinoa Breakfast Bars every weekend and pre-portion them into Ziploc bags so hubby can just grab one on his way to work.

3) Whole Grains – It’s easy to cook up a big batch of your favorite grain to have on hand. Cook it on Sunday and add to meals during the week.

4) Snacks – It’s important to have healthy snacks on hand that you can turn to during the week. There are tons of snacks that can be made ahead of time to help keep you from reaching for unhealthy choices.

  • Pop some popcorn
  • Cut up veggies and hummus
  • Nuts
  • Check out this post for more healthy snack ideas

5) Greens for Salad– I’ve found that having salad greens washed and ready to go exponentially increases the chances that we’ll eat a salad every night with dinner. You can use leaf lettuce, spinach, kale etc.

  • To prepare my greens, I cut them, wash them well, spin them dry and store in a Ziploc bag with a paper towel. Make sure to press out as much air as possible each time you open the bag.

6) Baked/Roasted Veggies – If you’re using the oven anyways during your food prep time, you might as well wrap a few potatoes in foil and throw them in the oven! If you’re not a fan of potatoes, chop up some of your favorite veggies and roast up a big pan.

  • You can also add roasted veggies to your salad during the week.

7) Lean Proteins – If you’re a meat-eater, why not cook some of your meat head of time for less weeknight cooking.

  • Choose your favorites like chicken, salmon, meatloaf, burgers (meat or veggie) and try baking, roasted or grilling them.
  • Put your crock-pot to good use.
  • Use these cooked proteins during the week in sandwich wraps, on salads, in casseroles, etc!

8) Beans & Legumes – Even if you’re not a completely plant-based eater, it’s still a great idea to add some plant-based proteins to your diet. I buy dried beans, cook a whole bag at a time and freeze the extras. (Learn How To Cook & Freeze Beans here). You can do the same thing with lentils! Then just pull them out when you need them and add them to whatever you’re cooking.

  • You can add beans and legumes to casseroles and salads or use them to replace meat in your favorite dishes.
  • Try these Greek Black Bean Burgers for an easy weeknight dinner that you can make ahead of time.

9) Soup – Soup is an great way to pack tons of nutrients into one easy meal.

  • Choose low-sodium broth, or better yet- make your own. You can always make extra and freeze. Just defrost when needed!
  • Add tons of veggies! Frozen veggies work great in soup and are packed with nutrients.
  • Add some protein- choose your favorite meat or opt for some high-fiber beans or lentils
  • Add some whole grains if you’d like!

10) Hard Boiled Eggs – These are great for almost any meal.

  • Eat them for breakfast with some peanut butter toast.
  • Grab a couple for an afternoon snack.
  • Slice them up and add to salads for lunch or dinner!

I just love this new blog from Lindsey. She is an RD in Ohio. Her page on food prep was excellent and I have share most of it with you today. Please check out her blog and read more about learning how to food prep here 

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