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The “NEW” Nutrition Label!

The latest version of this food label will include new daily values for dietary fiber, sodium, and vitamin D. This update will bring those numbers to the new standards set forward by the IOM and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The new label will also feature actual grams of vitamin D and potassium, in addition to their % DV. According to a press release from the FDA, “The % DV for calcium and iron will continue to be required, along with the actual gram amount. Vitamins A and C will no longer be required because deficiencies of these vitamins are rare, but these nutrients can be included on a voluntary basis.”

The new label will highlight calories and serving size in a more obvious way than the original label.

In addition, serving size is required to be a closer reflection of typical servings eaten by Americans, in order to provide a more realistic indication of the calorie impact of the food. There will also be “dual column” elements of this label so that information can be listed both by serving and by package.

Another addition to this version of the label is a list of the grams and percent daily value (% DV) for added sugars. Most people need to reduce their added sugar consumption, limiting it to 10% of their daily calories. With this update to the label, that will be easier to do.

Print Handout –  Nutrition-Facts-Panel-Update

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