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There is “NO” magic pill for losing weight or being healthy.


There is “NO” magic pill for losing weight or being healthy! You can take all the supplements in the world and exercise everyday but if you don’t aren’t eating a healthy diet, then you will be throwing away money on those gym memberships and supplements.

The key is eating healthy and exercising most days of the week. I believe in eating and exercising 80% of the week and enjoying life for the last 20%.

Most gyms in the area are offering membership discounts for the New Year. These gyms will help you get started but you will still be missing the nutrition component. I will gladly help you with all your nutritional needs. 🙂

There are also “many” supplements out there for you to try but what happens when you stop taking those supplements or drinking those shakes? Will you still keep off the weight? Will you take those supplements forever? Will you always be able to afford all those supplements?

I am a Registered Dietitian who has helped many people get off ‘diets” and achieve their nutritional goals by teaching them how to eat mindfully and healthfully.

How do I do this? I provide weekly healthy and delicious menu’s and shopping lists for you and your family every week.

Join my “Recipe Club” today and you will also be able to achieve a healthier lifestyle for you and your family today. I will save you money and stress by providing your menu’s and shopping lists delivered to your email box every week.

 This will be the BEST investment you made for 2016!! 

All membership subscriptions will have a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL subscription before starting membership plan.

Standard menu’s                                            Specialized menu’s (gluten free, vegetarian, etc.)

3 months – $30/month                                     3 months – $40/month

6 months – $25/month                                     6 months – $35/month

12 months – $20/month                                   12 months – $30/month


Email cbowers@nutritionforalifetime.biz

or call Cathy @ 757-288-2195 to start FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL and RECIPE CLUB TODAY!!

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