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This tool is must have for your kitchen!!


A cooking thermometer is surely an irreplaceable tool in the kitchen. If you’ve never used one or/and believe it’s a useless device, you need to read our review. cooking thermometers are designed to facilitate the cooking process and help you achieve the best results. Upon using a cooking thermometer, you’ll know for definite whether your meal is done or it still needs a few minutes in the oven. cooking thermometers are also widely used for grilling steaks. Taking the temperature of the cooked meat will tell you exactly if your steak is rare, medium or well-done so that you enjoy a delicious meal. cooking thermometers ideally suit young parents who often have to heat baby food. Knowing the right temperature, you wouldn’t need to sip at the milk but give it right to your little one. These thermometers are used to take both, above and below-zero temperatures. Hung from the rack in the fridge or in the oven, it will help you cook and preserve food in a perfect way!

There are two main types of thermometers: digital and analog. The latter has a more limited scope of application. The accuracy of these thermometers is quite relative, so when choosing this model you should take into account only approximate result. Also, you should note that analog thermometers have slow response time, so you won’t be able to see the exact temperature in few seconds.

Digital thermometers are more precise and have lots of other advantages over analog devices. You can choose among three digital thermometers:

  • Standard digital thermometers have a metal probe that is attached to the unit. They display the temperature right on the screen.
  • Thermometers with STEP-DOWN probe are very much alike to standard digital thermometers. They only differ in the length of the probe that allows for taking the temperature of the meal whilst it’s still in the oven yet, hold the thermometer right before your eyes. These cooking thermometers usually offer a rich bundle of other options for extra convenience – timers, audio signals, various indicators, etc.
  • Infrared digital thermometers are capable of taking the temperature at a distance. Their distinctive advantage is that they don’t get to be stuck right into the food, hence extra cleaning is not required. Infrared cooking thermometers are merely directed to the objects to get the instant results on the screen. However, they won’t sense the inside temperature of the meal so you still may miscalculate the time required for cooking.

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