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What Everyone Needs to Know About Portion Control


We have become a nation that mindlessly fills our plates to the brim without thinking of the consequences. Our country is gaining weight daily and getting sicker. We tend to dump food on our plates and zone out in front of the TV or our computers. InsteadPortion Control of taking away our favorite foods, how about we became aware of the “correct” portion size and only ate that amount?

Portion plates are a great tool in helping people learn portion sizes. I suggest you purchase one of these so you have a visual of a healthy plate. If you use these plates for around 3 weeks, you will learn what a portion size looks like for each food group and after that you should be able to put the plate away and eyeball the portions on your own.



Reading food labels on cereals, rice, pasta, cookies, chips, etc. is also very important. Measuring cups left on the counter as a reminder will help you in learning the correct portion sizes for your favorite foods.

Here is another resource for portion control –


You can start being aware of portion sizes today and by doing so you will invest in your future. I guarantee that you will notice the weight loss and that you are still feeling satisfied at the end of your meals. For those of you with high cholesterol and diabetes, you will notice in time, chlolesterol levels and blood sugars going down.

Eat mindfully today by you make an investment in tomorrow!!!!

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