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Who else wants to learn how to “Plan, Prep, Portion, and Pack”?

We spend most of our week rushing from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter if you are single or have a family, life definitely gets stressful on a daily basis. The stress we have is contributing to the decline of health in America. Thankfully for you, I know how to solve this problem and I can show you how to decrease your stress and increase your health.

The “Prep, Plan, Portion & Pack” clinic will help you build the confidence to getting your health on track!

Here’s a quick overview of what your clinic would include:


Planning is the first key to staying on track for that busy week. “Mason Jar Meals” are easy to fill with your favorite meals and snacks to take with you during the week. Shopping for those meals over the weekend will guarantee a successful week.


Once you have all the ingredients at home, it’s time to cut and prep for the week. This will decrease your stress because during the week, all you have to do is grab your meal and go.





Once you are all done prepping an cooking for the week, you will need to portion out your meals. Portioning out your meals helps with weight loss, decreasing sodium and cholesterol, and managing blood sugars. This step will ensure peace of mind for you during the upcoming week.







Nutrition For A Lifetime packs her meals in various mason jar sizes to make eating meals that much more enjoyable! Sandwich bags with portioned snacks for your daily routine will make you wonder why you didn’t plan, prep, portion and pack before! Grab a new Nutrition For A Lifetime shopping bag for your next market visit!


Register today for the “Plan, Prep, Portion, and Pack” clinic on Saturday, Feb. 27 @ 10 am.

Location – Virginia Garden Organic Grocery store located in the Virginia Beach Farmers Market

Cost – $35 (bring a friend for free)

Register HERE 

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