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Who else wants to lose weight like Theresa and Robert Zirkle?


Theresa and Robert Zirkle came to me with a desire to eat healthy and lose weight. They decided to start my “Recipe Club” and make that commitment to healthy lifestyle. Immediately they started making the recipes and using the shopping list I provided them each week.

Theresa and Robert also attended my “Simple Nutrition” clinic so they both would know the basics of nutrition, portion sizes, and how to read labels. They both want to be healthy not only for themselves but also for their marriage. The Zirkle’s know that it’s not about going on a “diet” but that it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that is 80% eating mindfully and 20% enjoying life.

I am happy to say that both of them have already lost 10 lbs in the first month of starting the “Recipe Club”. They are enjoying the recipes and are feeling better every day. Gone are the days of running to get fast food, wondering what’s for dinner, and running to the store because there is nothing to make at home.

You can join my “Recipe Club” today and get started on a healthier lifestyle.

Standard Menu’s (Specialized menu’s cost $10 more/month)

3 month membership           $30/month

6 month membership           $25/month

12 month membership         $20/month

Join me for “Plan, Prep, Portion, and Pack” clinic on Saturday, Feb. 27 @ 10 am.
Location – Virginia Organic Grocery Store located at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market

Cost $35 (bring a friend for free)

Register HERE

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